Great Pythagoras - NFT Encrypted Art Exhibition

Release time: 2021-05-06
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Co-sponsored by PUNK.NETWORK, THEOGO, and Atart Communication; the walking-style NFT encrypted art exhibition hosted by Being 3 Gallery will be held beyong imagination in Beijing Susan Cultural and Creative Park on May 9, 2021, in an abandoned industrial plant in Being 3 Gallery Church Space. May 8th is VIP Day. At that time, blockchain heavyweights, China's top NFT artists, practitioners, and creative people will gather in this magical field to pay a tribute to Pythagoras, the father of "number" and the greatest contemporary creator artists.  The exhibition will last until May 29.

"What honor to announce? Only Genesis." The curator of this exhibition, the well-known Chinese poet Mian Bu, made a declaration at the beginning and set the tone for this exhibition - only creation is an eternal new world: “Everything on the earth is secular, only imagination is a montage of mythology”.


The exhibition uses "The Theogony” of the great ancient Greek poet Hesiod in the 8th century BC as the tree of consciousness, and presents with walk-in show the world's most active artist hundreds of millions of generations of NFT encrypted artworks (after the collection, unlimited printable works) ; With the minimalist material aesthetics spatial methodology, the screen group is perfectly embedded in the industrial ruins, restoring the relationship between spirit and flesh between the creation of art and the progress of scientific and technological media.

Human beings, from the giving of nature, to the creation of culture, further more to the digital change and the transformation of power, presents the essence of existence: number. The " Great Pythagoras - NFT Encrypted Art Exhibition", an in-depth answer to the NFT ontological thinking. In the pre-Socratic era, Pythagoras discovered that the number is the original ontology, this led Aristotle and the group to use the concept of category to divide what is fundamental existence. What is the irreplaceable existence that makes up the world? Therefore, there is no substitute behind the number. Therefore, the number originally has an ontological status. All irreplaceable ultimates depend on numbers. When we draw an image by perceptual simulation, it belongs to the particle age. In the category of art history, the creation of artists also depends on the giving of nature.  However, from the perspective of camera changes and the evolution of digital concepts, Pythagoras’s “number” is an important starting point in the ontological presupposition for humans to explore the world. From a point of a philosophical ontology, this exhibition establishes a fascinating and light-to-fly platform similar to the sense of cosmic breathing for the construction of the sustainable NFT art ecology in the future.

The 12 world-renowned NFT artists selected for this exhibition are derived from diversity, human origin, and practitioners embodying the history of developed Western science and technology. They involve daily life in conscious time, space, and in-depth exploration in the field of digitalization, and respond the complete lineage of the gods of Hesiod.

1. In the list of these outstanding artists, there is the familiar big muse, German artist and filmmaker Burkhard von Harder's "Study in D motion", who invented a special experimental film methodology and software. The AI era and its automatic narrative orchestration is the development trend of plot and programization of human social life. Linear time of life is rearranged by machines and images are remixed, adding the fantasy ontology of the movie itself and paying tribute to the history of film.

2." Angels of Anxiety Careen Through The Trees " by Ju Anqi, the most famous young film director and artist in China, which is as varied as the god of Poseidon. "Angels of Anxiety Careen Through The Trees" is a poem by the representative poet Allen Ginsberg of the "Beat Generation" of the United States. This work expects to present the temperament of the lost and distorted dual meaning of this poem.

3. Kang Jia, a young artist with Medusa temperament, "Masters of Reality" was inspired by the Black Sabbath band's eponymous album. While thinking about the rebellious rock spirit, it revealed the secrets of cultural consumerism. This work is a composite installation composed of multiple media such as ready-made objects, skeletons, concrete etc., having a perceptual output of strong personal memory.  Artist’s most sober understanding of this era is also reflected in the work "Master of Reality". The life of modern people, from the singing of life to the phosphorescence of death, is provided with the background of neon-like pleasure-seeking and consumerism. The NFT version of "Master of Reality" is an extension of the installation's transformation into digital work. It incorporates a hybrid approach of surrealism. The neon lights are a container that brings us back to the flickering age full of rebelliousness. The other two gif works brought by the artist were named the "King" and "Queen", which reflect the close-up of the hand and the dollar sign in Michelangelo's " The Creation of Adam ". After digital processing, these elements crisscross into a crisscross structure and texture. Several times during the digital creation process, the symmetrical superposition and the vectorization form a complex psychedelic linear composition. The collision of the patterns finally vaguely generates two images, one is like the face of Satan from hell, and the other is like a queen overlooking sentient beings. The visual impact brought by the overlapping images, leads the viewer into a journey of consciousness in the depths of the digital world, which is not only reminiscent of the invisible mystery and enlightenment in the plot of Movie "Alien". AI digital technology, invented by humans, will generate images in her own way, and multiply and live, following the purest sequence of biological transmission. The oldest and strongest human beings emotion is fear, and the oldest and strongest fear is the fear of the unknown. This fear is about the torture in the depths of human nature.


4.Chen Danyang, a well-known abstract artist in China, over the years, his work "Bach: The Equal Temperaments" series embodies the mythological temperament of Hesiod's other poems "Work and Time". His works are of musicality.  It is compatible with Pythagoras’ insights into the structured world of music as number. The Well-tempered Clavier derives from a musician’s transcendent perception of cosmic order. The mysticism of religion and the rationalism of the Enlightenment are the two chromosomes of genes, which constitute the infinite rhythm of Bach’s music. It is a kind of passion that implies surge in order and structure. Thus, it is this structure of tension between sense and sensibility enlightens Chen Danyang’s artistic creation, and brings us the perceptual experience of Gestalt Psychology. In German, the word “Gestalt” represents the form of the entirety, emphasizing the grasp and perception of the whole, rather than the analysis and superposition of the parts. When immersed in the rhythms, levels and rules made of colors in the Bach:The Equal Temperaments series and trying to find a rational focus in the seemingly infinite color matrix, the viewers will find themselves already blended into a field of heart. Under the appearance of the extremely regular and rational images, the structure and order rotate and collapse, creating dizziness in which sense reaches a state of ecstasy and trance, and obtains a short transcendent perception in this state.

5. "The World Is Yours" brought by Guangdong artist Chen Wenhua, is a very poetic work. This series of works, based on your or my world, links the inner imagination and expectation, shuttle and blend between reality and virtual, and also explore the boundary between reality and virtual and the impact on society and human.

6. The well-known artist group Fang Er Mengjin, the video work "Abstract Time Lapse" series (presented on the ground), records the artist's sensitive life experience and meditation. The artist integrates the light and shadow fragments of the city with the life memory in it, and splits the visual image through the process of deconstruction and deconstruction by programming. Just like a virtual world's magnified micro window, the grand urban image is transformed into a tiny unit of micro world operation, which makes endless calculations according to a rule. While the video work “Bauhaus Rush “, has a beauty removing sensibility, In the long river of human art practice, Bauhaus is often synonymous removing sensibility. There is no story, only dots, lines and planes, color composition, order and sequence. The hidden mathematical calculations behind this constitute a calm aesthetic wonder and continue to extend in all aspects of human life, this coincides with the fundamentals of the digital age: data and algorithms.  The artist Fang Er Meng Jin hopes to start from the geometric perception to show a graphic journey that constitutes a sense of order, creating a mixed impulse of loss and meditation.

7. The most famous performance artist in the art world, He Yunchang’s work "In and Out", the artist said, "My behavior emphasizes non-performance and concept first. I just present and verify my ideas. Until the last two years I wanted to sort out the practice flow, I still adhere to one piece of work --- to strengthen the judgment of the world at that time and the personal cognition. Personal cognition may not be objective and correct. The simple description of the work can sometimes provide insight into the distinctiveness, uniqueness and conciseness of the personal idea. Then there is a big difference between the practice process and the actual implementation of the work.  For example, a piece of work has been implemented for 8 hours or 24 hours. " The Stone Touring Around Great Britain" has been implemented for 16 weeks, the work of "In and Out" has been implemented for 13 years and is still in progress. In fact, I have been upholding and presenting my personal ideas. I have run my own philosophy throughout such a long period of time. During the specific practice process, there are a lot of details, rich changes, volume, and huge information. The practice process will inevitably carry and change --- to integrate all the heart and force procedures, such as mining, selection, mediation, smelting, casting, de-counterfeiting, recycling..., into the complex practice of a work. The work remains ultimately in a specific, semi-perfect, and inclined state." This work combines the charm of time and natural NFT characteristics. Therefore, the shredder at the exhibition site cancels the physicality and achieves the truth of digital eternity.

8. The work "Imitation" by the artist Nino Musdica, an Italian geography-style artist, appears repeatedly on the ceiling of the church space, in response to the endless imagination of the artist's life and the spiritual nature of "The Theogony". The direction of "the tower of mosdica" continues. In the image work "imitation", digital animation works have been further affirmed. The appearance of the work looks like the previous work, and introduces conceptual and formal innovations. The narrative of the story has the exact logical significance brought by the elements of the creative process of the writer. The definition and animation of the building object have excellent quality and follow the narrative logic of the private film writer. The first image falls on the canvas of mousdica, and then its surface is driven by an invisible force to change shape quickly. The painted surface with high color coverage is stretched and shrunk continuously, and lattice at some points until it becomes a 3D model. Now, after a series of "purification" that makes him a real treasure, the nameless object is ready to transform into an exhibit

9. The heavyweight artist of this exhibition, Tian Xiaolei, an outstanding Chinese artist with a professional background in digital media, brought three digital video works "Greatness" series, "Artist's Structure", "Balance" and a VR game work "I am going to dance for you", with image gorgeous and shocking the body and soul. The "Greatness" re-creates classic images that are familiar in the history of Western art, constructing a visual system unique to Tian Xiaolei.  "I want to discuss whether the relationship between technology and people will form a new life and a new order after mutual domestication. The world rearranged by the new creator is just like a "Great" new God."  "Artist's Structure", with digital language similar to Cubism to interpret a dynamic and unstable identity. "Balance", clearly shows that the artist is anxious for God, because the work expresses the God who strives to maintain the balance of the earth. The PC game work "I am going to dance for you", after a new race of Posthuman received a command "I'm going to dance for you". they ran to the astronauts to execute the order, the astronauts have guns, if you do not shoot, everyone is safe, wait for them to dance around you. If you shoot, you can only fight to the end. What do you choose?


10. The young artist Wang Yuxing's  "Wood not becoming a boat" series: "Wood not becoming a boat" (Motion Photography/GIF Picture), in the dynamic photography works, the original meaning of the tree is that the boat is made of trees. It is difficult to recover the fact that the development of things has been fixed. Artists want to find a way to live with the world peacefully through photographing this behavior, to complete a transformation of self contradictory emotions, and to collect and release some hidden energy.“Wood is not a boat”, perhaps a hint: although good and bad have been circulating, but as long as they want to try, can start again at any time, I believe that the world will always have a new turn. "
In the Gif dynamic map: artists color a picture in the series of "wood not becoming a boat", generate several images with different contrast between light and dark, and connect them in series to make a GIF format photo, that is, static to dynamic transformation. The audience needs to watch through the display. For the digital image taken by digital camera, this is the most suitable presentation mode. Artists try to explore a new language through this attempt, and to study photography as a means of expression, its media itself more possibilities.

11. The five works of the artist Yue Zhiqiang, "FORTYTWO", "NINE", "ONE", "TWENTYONE" and "The Judgment", all come from the high-definition peony gallery created by the artist for many years. Over the past 20 years, the artist has devoted himself to shooting more than 9000 high-definition peony images, all of which have been certified by the national copyright library.
Based on peony, a traditional Chinese IP, the artist uses AI technology and peony gene to create a series of "dazzling" works. Every circle is the soul of a peony. On the basis of chaoxuan series, the artist combines his works with the book of changes to form the digital art of Jiugong chaoxuan series, which the artist thinks is the most pure contemporary art of Chinese gene.

12. Zhang Zhiwei’s 12 photographic works are presented on the tall large glass windows in the Being 3 Gallery Church Space, completing the visual metaphor of Hesiod’s "The Theogony". This is the highest tribute to the extraordinary creativity of the artists and is also paid to the great Pythagoras. The works reveal that in the encrypted world, this is the most colorful image in the world. 281 trillion colors. On another level, the obsession with rose window is far earlier than the contact with encryption art. Rosace has always been a fragile thing for the artist. About 2012-2013, the artist began to draw rosace manuscripts based on the information the artist could visit, including both the real Church (IMG 0562 Notre Dame) and the one the artist made up based on the regional characteristics of quality control (IMG 0519). The project has been stagnant in the state of manuscript and art plan. A fire destroyed the window of Notre Dame, and the artist came up with the idea of rebuilding the window of Notre Dame. In Beijing in 2020, the artist began to collect all kinds of information about the relationship between man and nature in this city. Beijing's sunshine, solar eclipse, hurricane, snow, moon, stars and so on, the artist began to use these dust to build things belonging to another world.


The entire exhibition tries to open up the senses of the times , and propose why digital works are more valuable than materialization (depending on the logic of nature)? The exhibition is a walking style, a game style, which embodies the freedom --- the most basic and default thing. At the same time, intertextuality with the first poet in human literature who uttered a personal voice: the discovery of the mind and the rise of the individual. While the viewers seem to be the shepherd Hesiod, witnessing creation and the new generation. And creation makes people and gods indistinguishable. The dream of freedom is showed. "Once a day, when Hesiod was grazing sheep under the sacred Mount Helicon, Muse gave him a glorious song...".

The curator and poet Mian Bu, in this modest display of her identity and infinite praise of creation.


 May 7, 2021